A Sheltered Rocky Shore, Clachan Sound,

Near Oban, Scotland

As you move down the page (by scrolling) you will see more quadrats. There are 11 altogether, one every metre down an 11 metre section of this shore. Click on the small image and reveal a LIFE size image of this 50cm x 50cm quadrat (this will take quite a while to download, especially so on a slow connection, but it is essential to have this size of image to be able to see all the things in the quadrat, so please be patient!!). When you call up each large image you can scroll up and down and side to side and record what is present in each square. There are 100 squares, so the total number covered by a species can be taken as a measure of percentage cover. Record this figure on paper, a record sheet suitable for this, listing all the species you will find, can be downloaded and printed out here. Move on to the next quadrat by clicking the back button each time. This will get you back to this page and you can scroll down to the next one in sequence.

In two cases, the quadrat has been layed on the seaweed surface and then uncovered so that you can see the organisms underneath (this was not necessary anywhere else). You should record all the species from BOTH of these quadrats.


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