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The list is limited to the books I own and/or have used in the production of this site. A search on or similar will reveal many more titles.

(full references or a link to a full ref are give, OP= out of print, many such out of print books can be found by searching here or on

Ballantine, W.J. (1961). A Biologically Defined Exposure Scale for the Comparative Description of Rocky Shores. Field Studies, 1 (3), 1-19. (Available from Field Studies Council as a reprint).

Bishop, G. (2003). The Ecology of the Rocky Shores of Sherkin Island, A Twenty-Year Perspective. Sherkin Island Marine Station

Campbell, A.C.(1995) The Hamlyn Guide to Seashores and Shallow Seas of Britain and Europe. Hamlyn

Challinor et al (1999) (Field Guide), this is an excellent little resource for shores all around our islands.

Gibbons, B. (1991). The Lomond Guide to Seahore Life. Lomond Books. Inexpenisive little pocket guide for beginners.

Lewis, J.R. (1964), The Ecology of Rocky Shores, English Universities Press Ltd, London. (OP)

P.G. Moore and R. Seed (editor), The Ecology of Rocky Coasts: Essays Presented to J.R. Lewis (e.g. try here)

Newell, A. The Biology of Intertidal Animals (OP)

Preston-Mafham, R. (1999). Collins Gem Seashore, Collins. Another good pocket guide

Raffaelli, D. and Hawkins, S. (1996) Intertidal Ecology, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands.

Stephenson T.A. and Stephenson A. (1972), Life Between the Tidemarks on Rocky Shores, W.H.Freeman, San Francisco. (OP)

Yonge, C.M. (1949 and later editions, incl. Fontana paperback), The Sea Shore, Collins. (OP)


Dale Fort Centre have a useful site with good images and descriptions, it is here.

Ref here (this is a very large compendium of rocky shore references)

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